Audit + Automate
A fully supported mobility solution, built to suit your team.

Our vision is to create solutions that enhance the productivity and happiness of staff working in mobility. 


Because many mobility teams are still constricted by manual/repetitive processes, unclear internal communications and the complexity of government funding initiatives.

Increased KPI requirements from universities have made it harder for mobility teams to meet the administrative demands of sending more students overseas.

Out-dated and inefficient workflows can be demotivating and cost universities hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost productivity (not to mention the enormous opportunity cost).
We hear a lot about how technology is the cheap and easy way to fix productivity issues.

However, at The Global Society we believe that productivity doesn’t just come from implementing technology...because layering automation on top of complex, unclear processes leads to only one thing.

More complexity!

This is why we take a consultative approach to everything we do and tailor everything to your needs.

As an [Automated] Pro partner, you will get: 

- Audit and strategy to review how the team is currently working, and to identify opportunities to improve in line with best-practice from other Australian universities.

- Training to ensure staff have all the skills to design, implement and review processes and manage their time.

- Content to enhance communication and clarity with students, internal and external stakeholders.

- Appropriate technology to streamline (or automate, where appropriate) well- designed processes.

Our [Automated] Pro Package includes:

120 hours of support, training, strategy + more

We've saved one partner over 1000 hours JUST by working on one of her priority areas. 

Imagine what we can do for you in 120 hours... 

Process review, strategy, automation, and more! 

Ontraport Pro Account

A cutting-edge marketing, CRM and automation platform custom built our highly knowledgeable team to take that weight off your shoulders.

A Pro account is super-charged with unlimited possibilities. Manage students, partners, programs, risk and more. 

Deep Customisation and Support of your priority areas

What takes the most of your team's time? 

Managing Exchange applications? Looking after New Colombo Plan and study tours? 

What about nurturing Inbound students? 

We will review your processes and implement appropriate technology that works with you - not against you. 

The Global Society's content integrated in your Ontraport account
Hundreds of pieces of content at your fingertips. Easily filter by audience type, destination and content type to get the resources you need - fast!
Integrated Membership sign up process

The easiest way to make the most of those unlimited student memberships.

Let your system take on the heavy lifting and sign them up with no action needed from your office.

...plus everything in our Student, Staff, Custom Support and Consult & Solve packages!

Need to Scale your mobility program and team? Check out our [AUTOMATED] SCALE PACKAGE!

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