The [Automated Community]

Part of your subscription to [A] Automated is membership to an online community. Through an award winning platform called Slack, The [Automated Community] gives you:

Access support in real-time
The [A] support team are always ready to assist and give you tech advice. No worries if you find the tools complicated because we are always here for you.

Document information
Everything is documented with [A]utomated, all important imformation and troubleshooting are kept safe.

Collaborate on what works
We will make it possible for you to collaborate with other universities and share best practices.

Keep up to track on whats happening
All team members have access to the same discussion keeping everyone up-to-date on progress.
Available during local work hours
We are Australian Mobility practitioners - we get you!
We provide training for your mobility office
We will support you through our [Automated Community] site. We are here for you!
In-person implementation + strategy
Ability to have one-on-one consultations for greater personalisation + support
We use video for our training, so no lengthy phone calls!
0488 8 GLOBE (0488 845 623)
Suite 306, 20 Rodborough Rd
Frenchs Forest NSW 2086
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