Customise the experience for your students.

No institution is the same!

We created our Custom Support package (previously Digital Plus) to allow you to customise the experience for your students.

As a Custom Support partner, you'll get:

- A customised, beautiful landing page for students to express their interest or ask enquiries

- A customised campaign to nurture those leads before they apply for a program

- Up to 6 fully customised messages in any of our student campaigns!
Use cases include: a specific email to your pre-travel students outlining the travel insurance they're covered by; or a reminder about your online counselling service to currently abroad students. 

The Custom Support Package includes:

Upgrade to an in-person on boarding session
All the benefit of the yearly on-boarding call, except we come to you!
Customisation of resource delivery

Are you looking to have our short-term pre-departure resources sent to you every 6 months right before your sessions? We can do that!

Just let us know what you want and when. 

Bonus registrations to our in-person annual workshop

Bring a friend to The Global Society's annual in person workshop for no additional charge! 

Collaborate and learn from Australia's leading mobility practitioners, get your problems solved and walk away with new ideas to drive you forward.

Priority input on new content development
Found a gap in resources? Noticed that students going to Germany all have the same question? Tell us and we'll create content to address it AND we'll fast track it for you.
Customisation of student lead nurture opt-in page
Remember that 3 month lead nurture included in our Staff Support package? Well, how about a customised and beautiful landing page for your students to opt-in, express their interest or even make an enquiry - just for you?!
6 customised messages for your student members
We have a huge amount of communications going to students - from leads, pre-travel, currently abroad and returned students. You get to customise up to 6 of these for your students. everything in our Staff Support and Student Support packages! 

Looking to solve more challenges? Check out our CONSULT & SOLVE PACKAGE!

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