Supporting you, so you can do your best work.

We understand that it's not just the students who need support and that's why we created our Staff Support package.

Have peace of mind that while your students are still being supported by our community and awesome content, you're also accessing the benefits of being a partner of The Global Society.

In our Staff Support package, you get:

- Unlimited staff memberships: that includes your staff AND academic staff (did someone say tour leaders?)

- Unlimited access to Mobility 101: our online video training series for new or non-mobility staff

- Access to our monthly newsletters to stay abreast of everything we're working on

- Unlimited parent memberships: let us take care of them!

and most importantly...

- A license to USE our content wherever you want! 

Our Staff Support Package includes:

Access to our comprehensive Partner Centre
Hundred of tools and resources designed to save you hundreds of hours. Includes our comprehensive resource library which has hundreds of content items (that you now have the license to use)!
Outbound mobility tools and resources delivered to your inbox
We send our resources directly to your inbox!
Unlimited access to Mobility 101
Mobility 101 is our online outbound mobility training for University staff and student peer advisors. Covering topics from the History of Australian Outbound Mobility, right through to the different types of programs offered to students.
One registration for our annual workshop event
Come along to The Global Society's annual in person workshop - for free! Collaborate and learn from Australia's leading mobility practitioners, get your problems solved and walk away with new ideas to drive you forward.
First access to digital Best Practice Reports
The Global Society periodically produces Best Practice Reports - being a Staff Support partner means you get first access when they're available
Quarterly reporting + monthly newsletters

Statistics, updates, content and more! Regular communications sent directly to your inbox so you can easily keep abreast of what's happening and what we're working on.

Input on development of new resources and tools
Found a gap in resources? Noticed that students going to Germany all have the same question? Tell us and we'll create content to address it!
Unlimited University staff memberships
Staff memberships that stretch further than your office. Think: study tour leaders! Access to all our resources and training for anyone at your institution - just tell them to sign up!
Unlimited student memberships (extended)
Not just for current students - this includes alumni AND "prospective" students or leads. 
Unlimited parent memberships

Let us take care of the questions from parents and give them access to resources to support their journey, as well as the journey of their child. 

Co-Branded sign-up messages
A little something extra to make your students really feel welcome. Our sign up messages will be beautifully co-branded with your logo.
Marketing support and lead nurture

Let us nurture those leads with 3 months of content specifically designed to address and overcome common barriers to studying overseas. How to fund it; how to talk to your parents; how to talk to work - all these and more are included!

Annual on-boarding and strategy call
We'll chat with you every year to see how we can best support you and your team's goals. everything else in our Student Support package!
If you want to customise... Check out our CUSTOM SUPPORT PACKAGE!

Call: 0488 8 GLOBE (0488 845 623)
Suite 306, 20 Rodborough Rd
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