Detailed content, advice and support for every student.

We created our Student Support package to ensure that every outbound student could take advantage of The Global Society's extraordinary content and community. 

When you subscribe your university to 'Student Support', you get:

- Peace of mind that every student is supported.

- Comfort knowing you're covering many of your risk management obligations. 

- More time in your day with fewer student enquiries as students self-service with peers. 

Our Student Support package includes:

Unlimited Student Memberships
All of your outbound students, regardless of experience type get access to extensive pre-departure, whilst abroad and re-entry content. Reduce questions and risk with students self-serving through The Global Society's online community. 
One University Staff Membership
Understand the depth and breadth of The Global Society's resources. Identify areas where you no longer need to answer student questions by referring students to relevant content. 
Discounted registration for our annual in person partner training event (30%)
The Global Society sees under the hood of over 20 universities every year. Get insight into the best examples and practice we've found in the past 12 months at our annual workshop.
Automatic Enrolment Campaign for students
Reduce work by configuring The Global Society's "auto-enrol" feature for outbound students and ensure all your students are supported.
On-boarding video
Get to know the ins and outs of your university subscription. We'll walk you through all the opportunites. 
Easy access to all open-source content
The Global Society has some of Australia's leading open-access student mobility resources. No need to go looking for them, they're all in one place just for D-Lite subscribers.
All this for an annual subscription of just 
$497 (+GST)

Save time. Reduce risk.

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